Facebook bug prevents some page owners from being able to hide spam comments

A Facebook bug is causing some page owners to be unable to hide comments that contain spam or inappropriate messages. Page owners can still delete comments, but the “hide” option is temporarily disabled.

Facebook tells us it is aware of the bug and is working on a fix.

Many page owners are frustrated by the issue, which has been around for at least a week based on reports in the Help Center forum. Now when page admins click the X next to a comment, they can only choose “remove,” rather than “hide” or “mark as spam.” The “hide” option is often chosen over “remove” because it prevents unwanted comments from being viewed by other fans, but keeps the comment visible to the person who wrote it. This helps avoid issues where commenters get upset that a page has removed their comments.

Page owners can undo the action if they mistakenly remove a comment, but until the bug is fixed they have to choose whether to leave some unwanted comments on their page or risk upsetting the commenter.

When comments are working properly, hidden comments appear under an ellipsis. They can be expanded and unmarked as spam.