Featured Facebook Campaigns: Bud Light, Dentyne and New Belgium Brewing

There were interesting tactics in the Facebook campaigns we looked at this week. Dentyne is combining a television ad campaign with its Facebook Page to try to engage fans over a period of a few months, New Belgium Brewing and Outside Magazine are trying to use a love for dogs to gain network exposure and Bud Light is using the promise of its anticipated Super Bowl ads to get people to flock to its Page.

A few of the campaigns are detailed here, the rest are part of our Facebook Marketing Bible.

Dentyne’s Safe Break Alliance Pop N’Play

Goal: Engagement, Page Growth, Network Exposure, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: The Pop N’Play game which allows users to play a game that revolves around Dentyne gum once a day from Jan. 13 through March 31 to have a chance of winning a Samsung phone with Sprint service (for three months), gift cards and Dentyne merchandise. The game and campaigns maintain strong and consistent branding throughout.

Method: Dentyne’s Safe Breath Alliance campaign is part of a television-Facebook campaign featuring celebrity Marlon Wayans. Part of the campaign is a game, Pop N’Play, that revolves around a virtual pack of Dentyne gum. In order to play the game users must enter their name, address, phone number and email to register, then they choose a piece of gum in a virtual Dentyne pack, and if they choose a winning piece, may win a prize. This is an interesting tactic because it allows for continued engagement during the two months the game runs.

Impact: The Page has 141,400 Likes so far and is growing rapidly.

New Belgium Brewing and Outside Magazine’s Mighty Arrow

Goal: Engagement, Page Growth, Philanthropy, Network Exposure

Core Mechanic: An app located on the Mighty Arrow tab of both New Belgium Brewing’s and Outside Magazine’s Pages asking users to upload photos of their dogs and share them to their stream.

Method: To promote the release of New Belgium Brewing’s spring seasonal beer, Mighty Arrow Pale Ale, the company partnered with Outside Magazine with the launch of the Mighty Arrow Facebook app. The Friend2Friend -powered app is the landing tab for both Pages and is being promoted on the Wall. Users click on the app, install it and upload a photo of their dog, adding a caption, publishing it to their stream and inviting friends if they choose, for the chance to win dog-related prizes like Frisbees, dog collars and subscriptions to Outside Magazine. Additionally, for every participant the companies will donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the Humane Society of the U.S. So, the app is a philanthropic effort to attract dog/nature lovers who like beer.

Impact: So far more than 3,140 users have used the app, according to the count on the app itself. Outside Magazine’s Likes went up about 1,000 since Mighty Arrow’s debut on January 28.

To see the rest of campaigns, check the Cases section of Inside Facebook’s Facebook Marketing Bible.