Facebook brings new status updates to mobile so you can share what you’re watching, eating, feeling and more on the go

Facebook has brought its new structured status update feature to its mobile website, allowing users to post what they’re watching, reading, eating, drinking, listening to or feeling from their phones.

When this feature was introduced in January and rolled out more widely in April, it did not have a mobile component. Now from m.facebook.com, however, users can make these kinds of posts, which suggests that the product is likely coming soon to the native Android and iOS apps.

Like on desktop, users can add their feelings or other activity by clicking on the smiley face in the composer when they start a new post. They’ll get a list of options: feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking and eating. Tapping on one will lead to another screen with common things people might be feeling or interacting with. Users can also add their own.

The resulting update will include an emoticon to represent the user’s feeling or tag the page associated with the user’s activity. The feature helps Facebook collect valuable information about users’ offline behavior while giving people new ways to express themselves and learn about things through their friends. Brands and entertainment pages could also get additional exposure when users tag them in these updates.