Facebook Brings ‘Chat Heads’ to iOS App

Facebook has updated its iOS app bringing a new way to chat within the app. Using a new tool called “Chat heads,” Facebook iOS users can continue chatting while they are looking at other parts of the app, like their news feed. These profile pictures will pop up when friends send the user a message no matter where they are in the app.

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced “Facebook Home” for select Android devices, which was where they first debuted the “Chat heads” feature. On Android phones these chats can happen anywhere on the phone, whereas on iOS devices, users can only chat within the Facebook app.

The iOS app update also includes a new feature called stickers, a suite of emoticons and characters that users can add to chat messages. The company is also rolling out improvements to the news feed on the iPad.

According to the company  blog, “chat heads and stickers on the Facebook app for iPhone will roll out fully over the next few weeks.”