Facebook Brings Back Some Old Features

Responding to users’ comment and outcry regarding some old features that were not carried out in the home page design, Facebook has activated two filtering options that would let you view status updates and profile changes made by your Facebook friends.To find out which of your friends have recently updated their profiles, just click on the “recently updated” filter located on your Friends Page tab. This will bring up a list of your friends which have updated their profile pic, basic info, personal info and education and work as well as those who have recently connected with Facebook pages. The list doesn’t really make you do anything else but just to view these friends. For those who wanted these feature, the goes. Facebook listened to you.

Another feature which was “re-activated” is the facility to view your Facebook friends’ status updates. You can view this list from your Facebook Home Page by clicking on the “status updates’ tab at the left side navigation. If you don’t see the link yet, just click on “More” and simply drag the “status updates’ link on top of the list to make it appear every time you access your Facebook home page.

If you’re asking why these two filters were placed in different location, here’s what the Facebook blog has to say:
We’ve added the filter for status updates to your home page, rather than the Friends Page, because the two play different roles on the site. The home page focuses on showing you what you’re friends are sharing, while giving you options for filtering that content. The Friends Page is the place for organizing and finding friends.

There you go. Hope this would make everybody happier with Facebook now.