Should Facebook Ban Breast Feeding Photos?

Why do we care if a mother wants to show photos of herself breastfeeding on Facebook? Isn’t Facebook private enough that a user should be able to show pretty much any photo they want? Facebook doesn’t think so. After Heather Farley was told to remove a photo of her breast-feeding, she sent an email to Facebook requesting an explanation.

When Facebook didn’t respond to Farley’s email, she posted another photo and was threatened by Facebook to have her account deleted. This is when things got ugly – for Facebook, at least. Once Farley went public with her complaint against Facebook, stating that she felt bullied. So she protested. And the protest has grown to new heights in the past week, even gaining momentum with a Facebook group, according Mercury News. So what’s Facebook’s issue with breast-feeding anyway?

It’s not the breast-feeding per say, but any showing of the breast’s areola, which violates Facebook’s Terms of Service. But several nursing advocates feel that breast feeding shouldn’t be lumped into the “porn” category. So what of it? Should private groups be able to show any type of content they want, considering their private status And will the breast-feeding photo issue spill over into the actual pornographic realm when it comes to privacy and content shared on Facebook? While I feel that this particular issue boils down to privacy regarding Facebook content, I think an important issue for Farley’s particular case is the fact that Facebook has yet to address her questions and concerns.

According to Farley, the social network still hasn’t responded to her emails requesting an explanation of why she can’t show photos of herself breast-feeding on Facebook. That leaves quite a mess for the company to deal with, and it only continues to get bigger. I doubt that Facebook will change its ToS as a result of Farley’s protest, the social network needs to do something to quelch the rising tension.

Image from Darlin’ Doula