Q&A: Brand Networks’ View Of Facebook PMD

Brand Networks Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jamie Tedford answered our questions about his company joining Facebook's preferred marketing developer program.

Brand Networks Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jamie Tedford answered our questions about his company joining Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program.

How did Brand Networks enter the program and which of the four areas does Brand Networks have badges in?

Brand Networks has been a preferred developer consultant since 2010, and gained access to the ads application programming interface program in 2011 in order to launch our story amplifier tool — a Facebook ads planning and optimization platform. We also launched our go local publishing and promotions platform for pages in 2011.

As a result of demonstrating our proficiency in these key areas, Brand Networks earned badges in apps, ads and pages.

What was the process that Brand Networks went through to get the PMD badges?

Brand Networks had to clearly demonstrate unique capabilities that help marketers scale and achieve efficiency, and extend measurably beyond the functionality of Facebook’s native tools. This was a comprehensive and collaborative process with Facebook representatives, enabling them to evaluate our tools, experience, and practices in each of these areas.

How does the PMD change the way Brand Networks will do business?

As one of the first 35 companies to join the preferred developer consultant program, we’re keenly aware of both the opportunity and responsibility that comes with this distinction. Now that we’ve extended our capabilities beyond apps, to include ads and pages, we will continue to focus on innovating our software and service offerings in each of these areas. We will also strive to be constructive leaders within the program and active participants in the community of other PMDs.

What else would you like to tell our readers about Brand Networks?

Soon after launching our business in 2007, we made a bet to focus our efforts on the Facebook platform. From the beginning our solutions were never intended to be a one-size fits all model. Rather, we focus on building custom Facebook applications that address our clients’ business needs and objectives, leverage existing solutions when applicable to help our clients save money and resources.

All of our development is performed in-house, with a team of incredibly talented engineers, designers and social intelligence members located in our Rochester, NY studio. Our marketing, story planning and client services teams, located in Boston, are the best in the business, coming from top agencies and brands.

We are proud to have built our company, software and services with no outside funding or investment. This has kept us nimble and agile, always leaning in to hear and address customer needs. All in all, building our business on the Facebook platform turned out to be a pretty good bet.

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