5 Commandments For Luxury Branding On Facebook

If you do your digital marketing right, you can build a Facebook following, and maintain the aura of luxury.

One of the reasons luxury brands are, well, luxurious, has to do with the fact that they are exclusive. As a result, some worry that Facebook deomocratizes things to the point of sacrificing exclusivity. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you do your marketing right.

1. Make It Elegant And Creative

Because you are a luxury brand, you need to maintain that image throughout your marketing campaign. Even the affluent are on Facebook, and you need to make sure that you engage them there.

However, you don’t want to have your image associated with second-rate digital marketing. Because you are exclusive, that means you have higher standards.

The design of your Facebook page, the videos you post on Facebook, and the Facebook ads you create must all be of highest quality. What you do digitally must be imbued with as much elegance and creativity as you would use for an ad in a high-end glossy.

Remember: You only maintain your luxurious and exclusive image if you can keep it online as well. Think of Facebook as the new high-end glossy.

2. Interact With Aspirational Consumers

One of the great ways to grow your brand, while maintaining your exclusivity, is to focus on the people who want to buy your products, but can’t.

You can create Facebook ads that appear on the accounts of those who are likely to be interested.

Even if they can’t purchase your products, there are a number of people who will like your ad or your product — just to be associated with the cachet afforded by your brand.

Encourage these types of interactions, and your brand will spread. However, you will still only available to a small group of consumers.

3. Control Your Image

Even as you encourage more people to associate with your brand, you need to maintain some measure of control. Ask consumers to submit their own stories, photos and videos — then select which ones to display on the page.

Encourage high quality submissions by being choosy. You can further develop your reputation for exclusivity by making it known that you will only feature submissions of good quality.

This reinforces the fact that you are luxury brand, and allows you to vet interactions with aspirational consumers.

Digital marketing can be a great thing, but you don’t want it to get away from you to the point where you lose control of your brand image.

4. Keep it Fresh

One of the cardinal rules of any digital marketing is that you have to keep it fresh. As a luxury brand using Facebook, it’s especially important that you keep your content fresh. Update at least two or three times a week so that consumers have a reason to keep coming back.

Employ creativity to spark interest. You can interview the high-end models that appear in ads, or you can shoot a behind-the-scenes video to share with members of your community. Remember, too, that keeping it freshmeans creating content just for a digital audience. No slapping your latest TV spot up on the Facebook page and calling it exclusive content.

If you are going to generate interest in your luxury brand by using digital marketing, you will need to make sure that the content is truly fresh, and created just for your online community.

Create the feeling that they are a specific kind of exclusive, and they’ll keep coming back.

5. Evaluate Your Own Digital Marketing Needs

Finally, don’t just do what someone else does. What works for one luxury brand may not work for yours. Evaluate your own digital marketing needs, and think about how Facebook might work for you.

Before you build your Facebook page, have a vision for your digital community, and a plan for building your brand.

Guest writer Lior Levin is a marketing consultant.

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