Facebook boosts image size for desktop, mobile ads

Facebook announced Tuesday more changes to its ad formats, making the visuals pop a little bit more. Starting today, the company is streamlining the image sizes for its ads and making them bigger.

For instance, page post link ads on desktop will now feature a 3.5-times larger image than before. Clicks on that image will lead users directly to the website.

A Facebook spokesperson announced the news to Inside Facebook:

Making ad specs consistent across placements means advertisers no longer need multiple image sizes for different ad placements. These updates also give advertisers a bigger canvas to display their brand or product (we’ve seen that larger images help drive engagement and performance).

Below the jump, see examples of the new ad formats.

Here’s what the new page post link ads look like on desktop and mobile:


And here’s a look at the page like ads:


Joe McCormack, the CEO of Facebook PMD Adquant, reached out to Inside Facebook to offer his thoughts on these changes:

Changes on Facebook have always represented opportunity, and this change is a big one. Facebook has standardized their ad formats after doing a lot of experimenting last year. The new formats are amazing, it really seems as if Facebook went directly to the CMO’s of the world and asked, “what do you need?” There is a much stronger emphasis on the news feed which is a great medium for advertisers. The news feed in Facebook is a recommendation engine; people check their news feed to see what their friends like and are doing. Advertising in the news feed drives higher interactions and better results. The new ad formats are very goal oriented from promoting offers to driving mobile app installs. Facebook has made it much easier for advertisers to find the perfect format to meet their needs. We expect these changes to result in increased advertising budgets on Facebook and better results for advertisers.

Readers: What do you think?

Images courtesy of Facebook.