Bare Boobs on Facebook Sparks Ban

The UK Press Association is reporting that a hospital staff has been banned from using Facebook after one of the nurses decided to share photos of her boobs on the site. While the nurse was not completely naked, she did flash a camera resulting in total breast exposure. When asked for comment on the topic, the hospital chief executive said “We were extremely disappointed on discovering the image, and took steps to have it removed immediately.”

Nudity on Facebook is prohibited and users participating in such acts can and will be punished for violating the site’s terms of service. While the I’m sure the photo made for a few good laughs around the hospital, it has resulted in an entire organization being banned from the site. Soon enough we’ll have doctors walking out of the hospital since they can’t login to stalk their friends!

AllFacebook has attempted to contact the wild boob bandit but all we received back was the following anonymous statement: “Boobies Rock!” Not sure how to interpret what appears to be an extremely immature statement. We will keep you up to date with any news that we receive regarding this flagrant act.