Facebook Blocks Mark Zuckerberg's Account

Unfortunately having the same name as Facebook's CEO means the Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney named Mark Zuckerberg can't use the social network.

Facebook doesn’t want anyone impersonating others — it’s a misdemeanor in California. And the most egregious possible impersonation just might be trying to pass yourself off as company’s chief executive officer and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Unfortunately having the same name as Facebook’s CEO means the Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney named Mark Zuckerberg can’t use the social network. He’s been trying to get that reversed.

Facebook has blocked the attorney’s account on the site but hasn’t taken down his business page, which includes a link to the lawyer’s business website, ZuckLaw.com.

A separate website IAmMarkZuckerberg.com, explains that he’s not trying to impersonate Facebook’s CEO but has the odd luck of having the same name.

The Indianapolis attorney told local television station WishTV:

I was originally denied an account with Facebook two years ago because of my name, and I had to send them copies of my driver’s license, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Assn. license just to get them to believe that I exist and to allow me to set up my page… Now my name isn’t mine anymore… We haven’t gotten an answer from Facebook yet, and I hope it’s all just a misunderstanding on their part.

The attorney’s faced a longer battle with Facebook than appears to have been the case with other people whose identities were challenged. Take, for example, women who happened to have the name Kate Middleton but weren’t part of the U.K. royal family.

We suspect that the recent media attention the Indianapolis Mark Zuckerberg is receiving might accelerate any resolution by Facebook — take a look at the video embedded below and decide for yourself. Readers, what do you think about his case?