Facebook to Blend User Profiles and Business Pages Into “Profiles for Everyone”

Today, Facebook announced that, as expected, Pages and Profiles are blending in what Facebook is calling “Profiles for Everyone.” Launch partners, which will go live today, include CNN, U2, Barack Obama, Michael Phelps, Ashton Kutchen, Lance Armstrong, The New York Times, and the NBA. All Page owners will be invited to “migrate” their Pages over to the new design in the next few weeks.


For more details on all the specific changes for Page owners, see Inside Facebook’s previous coverage. Essentially:

  1. Pages “2.0″ now look a lot like Facebook profile pages: the Wall is front and center, and almost everything else (including custom HTML and application boxes) is moving to secondary tabs.
  2. Pages will now have a powerful tool previously only available to Facebook profiles: Status Updates. Status Updates have the potential to become a VERY powerful tool for marketers large and small.
  3. Activity from Pages you’re a fan of will now prominently appear in your home page News Feed. This means you’ll see updates from Pages you’re a fan of mixed in with updates from people you’re friends with.

“We think that all entities should have equal access to the social graph and do the same types of things. Over time, we’re going to bring these into parity. We want to make it so that people who have profiles can broadcast updates to all their friends” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

At some point soon, Facebook profile pages will now be able have more than 5000 friends.

Zuckerberg said that previously the company didn’t allow users to have more than 5000 friends due to concerns that Facebook would be overrun with spam. It will be important for Facebook to negotiate the News Feed filtering controls appropriately.

“Politicians, journalists, and bands all want to share what they do. We have a system for distributing information, and we want to remove limits for people with a lot of constituents to share,” added Facebook’s Chris Cox.

While Facebook didn’t announce any new advertising or monetization products around the Pages redesign, Zuckerberg did say, “The world is becoming more open, and that is something that is going to drive our business.”