Facebook Blamed For Underage Marriage And Teen Pregnancies

An Indonesian town's officials are bblaming Facebook for a drastic increase in underage pregnancies and marriages.

Gunung Kidul, located in the province of Yogyakarta and renowned for fine art, culture and now, the Indonesian town’s mark of modernity is for officials blaming Facebook for the sharp increase in matrimony and pregnancies amongst its minors.

Local town officials have been concerned with the rise in underage marriage since Facebook has gained steam over the past couple of years. Many young people are meeting via the social networking site and having sexual relations which has, in many cases, led to teen pregnancies out of wedlock.

“Facebook is easy access, even in rural areas, and leads to teenage girls getting pregnant outside of marriage,” Gunung Kidul Religious Court junior legal secretary Siti Haryanti told The Jakarta Post.

According to Haryanti, thus far to date there have been 130 underage couples who have submitted marriage proposals to the religious court, a 100 percent increase from the previous year.

The town’s 1974 marriage law stipulates that a female is allowed to marry upon reaching age 16, while a male on the other hand, must be 19 years of age.

Indonesia has about 38.9 million Facebook users, making it the second largest Facebook market after the U.S., according to our astute siblings at Inside Facebook Gold.

Readers, do you think the officials of Gunung Kidul are unfairly blaming Facebook for underage marriage and pregnancies? What should they do about the problem, if anything?