Facebook Begins Suggesting Friends?

One of my readers just sent me an email about a new feature that he hadn’t seen previously. I haven’t seen this feature either. Apparently there is now a feature that “Suggests a friend to me.” I’m assuming that if there is a contact that you have a certain number of shared friends with it will automatically send you an email notification telling you about that person and suggesting that you contact them.
This is an interesting feature that I previously hadn’t seen. I have been on other social networks such as Last.fm that tell you who your “neighbors” are. On Last.fm your neighbors are people that you have similar listening tastes to. On other sites it’s based on the number of friends you have in common with someone. This is a simple little addition to the Facebook platform but it is definitely a useful one. I will be interested to see if I start getting a number of new friend suggestions.
I could see this being extremely useful on LinkedIn. Do you think this new feature is useful?