Facebook Begins Rolling Out Upgraded Ad Manager

Get a load of the spiffy new guide to the upgraded ad manager.

Earlier this week, Facebook began rolling out upgrades to their ad manager, with more pushed out today including improved graphs and real-time monitoring.

In a new guide (found here), Facebook outlines all of the new features of the upgraded ads manager. The upgrades are relatively straightforward. The revised ad system focuses primarily on performance measured by clicks and connections.

Audience Performance Screenshot

Rather than focus on cost per impression, — which advertisers still do — the new ad manager emphasizes driving conversion and reach, which is another word for “impressions.”

Another interesting metric included with the upgraded ad manager is frequency, which is the average number of times each person saw your ad. This measurement shows how responsive people are to particular advertisements. While this ultimately can be measured by click-through rates, ad I’ve yet to figure out the core use of frequency for performance advertising, it seems interesting.

Probably the most significant part of the upgraded ad manager is that individual ads within a campaign can now be viewed inline rather than having to click through to an entirely different page. This is definitely a time-saving upgrade for those individuals who have a lot of ads to manage.

The final change is the addition of “social reach,” which is the number of people who saw friends that were connected to the advertisement destination.

This is a metric that’s important to those individuals testing out the new sponsored stories format, which reportedly increases click-through rates by upwards of 46 percent.

Readers, what do you think of the new ad manager?