Facebook Beer Pong Tourney Gets Cancelled

Yesterday afternoon Valleywag got the scoop on a beer pong game that was supposed to go down between the Facebook and CollegeHumor companies. Unfortunately the game was called off at the last minute. Caroline McCarthy alluded to the idea that there are good odds that the ex-Googler Elliot Schrage may have been at fault since given that he leads the public-relations team which called off the event.

Typically I try to stray from gossip on this blog but this one was hard to resist (as was the Facebook prom post the other day). It was probably a good call by the P.R. team given that beer pong isn’t the best activity to promote a rapidly growing startup. It also appears as though the College Humor team was prepared to take full advantage of the game. Thanks to Valleywag who got the image below which is a shot of the ping pong balls that the CollegeHumor team has prepared for the big game.

Facebook is definitely growing up thanks to their upper management. Fun and games are fine but playing drinking games as a sponsored company event is probably not the best of ideas. Perhaps there will be an unofficial off the record version of the game that ends up going down. Caroline McCarthy makes a great statement pertaining the decision to call off the game:

Google and Amazon.com executives can get away with showing up at the Nevada counterculture fest Burning Man, but Facebook still has a “college kid” reputation to outgrow.

Then again, this is a beer pong game that is now rumored to be canceled. I’m going to give up on any further analysis: it’s beer pong.