The Social Media View From Down Under

West coast freelancer Gerard Wright, via a Saturday Dec. 18 piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, tees off Time Magazine’s selection of Mark Zuckerberg as Person the Year to relay some critical job seeking advice to all twentysomething non-billionaires. This holiday season and beyond, DON’T drink and status update.

Howard Rheingold, who teaches a social media class at Stanford University, has begun to notice [a resistance to sharing private life moments on social media] among his former students, now in their 20s, passed over for post-graduate positions or jobs. The reason for those failures? “Their drunken Facebook pictures,” he said in a radio interview.

Wow. If Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher are looking to do a sequel to their de facto Best Picture winner of 2010, this could be the perfect premise. E.g., a top-flight Harvard prospect is looking good until his-her over-the-limit photo gallery on Facebook sinks their career chances. Infuriated, they then set about to destroy Zuckerberg.

Wright’s article gets further FB-DUI corroboration from USC academic Jeff Cole, who has one of the coolest sounding titles around:  Director of the Center for the Digital Future.

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