Facebook Auto-Play Video Is Running on Brand Pages

Could ramp up branded video on the social platform

Brand marketers, you may soon be able to run auto-play videos on your Facebook page without buying an ad. Some of your peers already are.

Facebook is testing a feature that extends the reach of its auto-play video ads into brands’ own pages. While names like Macy’s, Chevrolet and Progressive have tested auto-play videos within ads, the videos have not played automatically in brands pages until now.

A rep for the Mountain View, Calif.-based social media giant confirmed with Adweek that the tech company is trialing the auto-play content within brand pages—running via the company's iPhone app.

Videos uploaded and posted to brands’ pages mimic the same auto-play experience that the premium-priced ad offers. The videos begin playing as users scroll down the screen and expand to the full page when clicked. Audio also kicks in when the ad is clicked.

Wendy’s is one marketer that has been running video posts at a high clip for a campaign using vloggers to push "summer salads" toward fashionistas. Brandon Rhoten, vp of digital at Wendy’s, said the brand has been experimenting with Facebook’s video ad units since last summer, but is not doing anything with auto-play specifically yet. However, a quick scroll through Wendy’s Facebook page last week showed several videos the quick-service chain was promoting with non-premium ads while automatically playing on its brand page.

While the auto-play videos are only a test, there are some interesting implications on how marketers could post video content to their pages if the feature became readily available. Nike Football, for example, posted its World Cup-themed video to Facebook last week. The five-minute video automatically began playing as users scrolled down the screen, showing how marketers could possibly use Facebook video beyond the auto-play ad’s 15-second limit

At the same time that Facebook is ramping up its video options, Twitter also recently tested some additions to its one-click video features for mobile.

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