Facebook Audio Is Coming Back

According to a valuable source, Audio is coming back within days. While VentureBeat has already commented on this, I have been informed that Audio has also received a round of financing to help them make a strong reappearance. When I spoke with Numair back in July, he stated his intentions to launch a bands feature. I wonder how soon he plans to launch the new feature.
So why was Audio shut down previously? According to Venturebeat, “It was given a DMCA takedown request from a record label, sent via the RIAA — then Facebook decided to take Audio offline while the matter remained unresolved.” It will be interesting to see how soon they actually end up launching. One reason that I believe Audio was actually shut down is that they added an upload feature. Supposedly all initial songs that were streamed through the application came from other sources. Once they decided to enable an upload feature they became responsible for the material being hosted on the application.
I honestly don’t see how Audio can continue to operate on an ongoing basis unless they sign agreements with a number of record labels. There must be features that they intend to launch that will benefit the music industry in the form of revenue. Could you imagine iTunes deciding to create a day of free music? It would be a free for all and people would try to get as many songs as they could. I think one of the main sources of protection for Audio is the fact that they don’t allow users to download the songs, only stream them. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, but look for Audio to return sometime next week.