Facebook Audio Competitor Launches

Almost two weeks ago I wrote about Facebook audio coming back. While Numair has yet to bring back the Audio application, a competitor has just launched. This one may be even better. You can upload songs and search any song. You can also take the songs and add them to your profile. Honestly, this one is much sleeker than the Audio application. One question remains though: is this a violation of copyright laws?

I certainly think so. Another item of interest is that there is no specified developer. The company is called “Audibie” and the domain is registered to Wing Lian. It also looks like Audibie is taking advantage of Amazon’s S3 technology. Will this one be shut down like it’s prior competitor? I would imagine so. Right now there are under 100 users but I have a feeling that this is going to spike immediately. Whoever built this definitely put a lot of effort into it. It is clean and runs smoothly. There isn’t much I can say negative about this application except for the fact that it is breaking the law. Aside from that it’s great! If you want to have a practically limitless jukebox on Facebook, go grab the Audibie application.