Facebook Asking Some Users About Grad School in Home Page Prompt

In an effort to get more users to enter their graduation school information, Facebook has begun prompting some users with a new in-house ad on the home of the home page asking them if they attended grad school.

The company appears to be showing this based on the number of your Facebook friends who attended the same college or university as you — regardless of whether they were getting undergraduate or graduate degrees, or whether you even went to grad school.

Facebook first grew popular among undergraduates in the US, but it has since spread across demographics and borders. This upsell may be a way for the company to get more people connecting with old college friends, in order to help them share more information with each other that may be relevant to users’ personal and professional lives today. The company also recently converted many static fields on users’ Info tabs into “Community Pages” recently, so this may be an effort to boost the fan numbers for many Community Pages for schools and universities.