Facebook's Fastest Growing App Is Take This Lollipop

A short horror video has made it to the top of our list of the fastest growing applications nine days after Halloween, followed by Zynga's newest and edgiest game.

A short horror video has made it to the top of our list of the fastest growing applications nine days after Halloween, followed by Zynga’s newest and edgiest game.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. TakeThisLollipop470,0009,000,0003,500,000
2. Mafia Wars 21,700,00015,500,0002,400,000
3. Static Iframe Tab1,100,00018,100,0002,100,000
4. Yahoo780,0003,800,0002,100,000
5. Static HTML: iframe tabs4,000,00062,600,0002,000,000
6. Ravenskye City1,500,0006,400,0001,500,000
7. FarmVille7,600,00029,400,0001,300,000
8. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab450,0009,300,0001,100,000
9. Scribd670,00012,400,0001,000,000
10. Bubble Witch Saga2,200,0006,700,000800,000
11. ShareAndTell.com110,000970,000760,000
12. Washington Post Social Reader310,0001,200,000630,000
13. Welcome tab app for Pages630,00012,500,000600,000
14. Skype2,100,0007,600,000600,000
15. Zombie Island260,0001,300,000510,000
16. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages360,0009,500,000500,000
17. TripAdvisor670,00012,100,000500,000
18. Static HTML… [Second Tab]250,0006,000,000500,000
19. 21 questions700,0008,000,000500,000
20. Cupid260,0004,100,000500,000

Games And More

A couple of weeks after its much-heralded launch, Take This Lollipop appears at the top of the list of the fastest growing applications, as 3.5 million people added the app over the past seven days.

Zynga’s Mafia Wars 2 comes in second this week, down from first place last week, but 2.4 million new players over the past seven days is still pretty impressive.

Returning in seventh, Zynga’s FarmVille has 1.3 million adds, likely due to giveaways on the app’s page.

Moving up three places from last week 6wave’s Ravenskye City comes in seventh with 1.5 million new players.

And Bubble Witch Saga falls eight spots to 10th place, with 800,000 adds this week. Again in 15th, Zombie Island has a noteworthy return picking up 510,000 new gamers.

Page Tools

Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab grows by 2.1 million, putting the app in third place. Static HTML: iframe tabs‘ comes in fifth with two million adds this week.

Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab has 1.1 million additions this week, finishing in eighth place, four spots lower than where it showed up last Wednesday. Welcome tab app for Pages has 600,000 additions and ranks 13th, five spots lower than last week.

Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages also finishes lower this week, with 500,000 adds resulting in 16th place. Static HTML… [Second Tab] comes in 18th, with 500,000 installs.


Yahoo secures the fourth position in our list after a long absence, partially due to the recent launch of a Facebook version of the search engine’s news stories, synchronizing the accounts of 2.1 million people this week.

For similar reasons, we see a newcomer to the list, as the Washington Post Social Reader, makes 12th place with 630,000 additions.

People continue to share documents on Facebook using Scribd, although there are fewer new users this week than last, one million over the past seven days.

ShareAndTell.com makes a debut on the list this week in 11th place, with 760,000 new users signed up to win prizes for discussing promoted brands.

Skype appears one spot below where it did last week, coming in 15th with 600,000 additions over the past seven days. In the 18th spot, TripAdvisor garners 500,000 new Facebook users looking for the hottest deals on their upcoming travels.

Dating application Cupid returns to the list this week in 20th place, welcoming 500,000 new hopeful singles.

Readers, do you find any of the week’s fastest growing apps particularly enticing?