Facebook Apps All Over The Web

facebook-api.jpgThanks to AccuraCast I found that Facebook released JavaScript client library which allows Facebook developers to create applications which will work from any website. Should we think that this is next big step of Facebook expansion? I don’t know, but if I remember correctly developers had possibility to embed apps into websites before this release also, but with this JavaScript client library it is much more easy to do and, what is important, it does not require any server side coding.

Ok, enough with developers – what are the user benefits? Actually it gives wide range of possibilities to interact with your personal friend network by sharing information you found on the web. it is like you are always connected with your friends surfing the web.

What is interesting from the business perspective is that before this release developers was ‘bringing’ the world to Facebook, now users are doing the same by expanding Facebook network across the web by interacting with websites. I have also no doubt that website developers will try to take a peace of Facebook pie by adding apps and increasing traffic and loyalty of visitors and, in the same time, helping Facebook to grow even faster.