Facebook Applications For Job Search

Need a job? Not sure where to start. Well today BINC &#151a professional headhunting organization working exclusively with Web/Software companies&#151has a list of 20 Facebook applications that can help you with your job search. And you thought social networks were just a waste of time! Check out our favorite applications below:

1) Jobster Career Network &#151 Join the Talent Networks of your favorite companies, and get personalized job alerts based on your career interests. Plus, get career advice from your friends; post your resume online, search for jobs, and more!
2) OfficeBook &#151 What would you tell a friend about your office if he or she was interested in working there? Love your company? Hate it? Say It!
3) Testimonials &#151 Use Testimonials to gather your personal, professional and academic references in one place from your teachers, friends, and co-workers.
4) Professional Profile &#151 Create a professional profile on Facebook. With one-click, professional will upload your resume or import your LinkedIn profile and recommendations. Get recommendations from friends. See resumes in your network.
5) Work With Us &#151 The Work With Us application displays jobs on profile or fan pages. Anyone can browse interesting opportunities at companies where friends work, apply to the jobs and send Jobvites to their own friends and contacts.
6) MeetingWave &#151 MeetingWave is a business or social networking tool that helps you connect offline with people you would like to meet – whether traveling or near home. You can set up meetings with friends only or with a mix of friends and “new” people.
7) Seek Job Search &#151 SEEK and you shall find. The SEEK Job Search application lets you personalize relevant job search results in your Facebook Profile. Get the freshest jobs delivered every time you log in. Send it to your friends so they stay informed too.
8) BraveNewTalent &#151 BraveNewTalent.com is a new social networking site that allows you to connect to employers online. It allows you to take control of your career, engage directly with employers that interest you, and be part of their online community.
9) LinkedIn Contacts &#151 LinkedIn Contacts allows you to view and share your LinkedIn Contacts on Facebook.
10) Easy CV &#151 Easy CV adds a short view of your CV on your profile and a dedicated page. Resume is available in PDF, MS Word or video. Take benefits of your network to get jobs opportunities!

Check out BINC’s full list of 20 Facebook applications that will help you with your job search here.