Calendar Applications Grow Immensely On Facebook

Calendars and greeting cards top the list of the fastest-growing applications on Facebook this week.

Calendars and greeting cards top the list of the fastest-growing applications on Facebook this week.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Apps

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. MyCalendar – Birthdays180,00041,200,0004,800,000
2. CastleVille8,400,00038,300,0004,700,000
3. MiCalendario – Cumpleaños (Spanish)70,00016,700,0003,000,000
4. MeuChip280,0002,000,0001,999,980
5. Takvimime (Portuguese)20,0003,100,0001,200,000
6. 21 Preguntas160,0004,900,000900,000
7. Il Mio Calendario – Compleanni (Spanish)20,0004,200,000900,000
8. JibJab320,0003,200,000800,000
9. MonCalendrier – Anniversaires (French)30,0004,800,000800,000
10. Causes330,0003,200,000700,000
11. Nimbuzz Mobile1,600,0004,000,000700,000
12. Spotify4,600,00010,900,000700,000
13. Simify App150,000980,000610,000
14. My Calendar (Russian)80,0001,100,000610,000
15. Adventure World – An Indiana Jones Game1,500,0009,600,000600,000
16. Holiday Card List ?180,0001,500,000560,000
17. Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad120,0001,400,000550,000
18. Birthday Cards130,000900,000530,000
19. My Calendar (Thai)60,000/td>510,000509,900
20. FarmVille7,200,00032,100,000500,000


The daily active user totals suggest this trend lacks the ability to bring users back after initial clicks, and overall increases within the last seven days are already decreasing. For now, birthday calendar applications are the leading trend on Facebook.

Standing on top, English version MyCalendar – Birthdays leads the countdown with a 4.8 million weekly growth increase. Spanish competitor MiCalendario – Cumpleaños is only two places behind after enticing three million additions. Translated into Portuguese, Takvimime finishes in fifth place with 1.2 million a growth statistic.

Another Spanish alternative, Mio Calendario – Compleanni makes its first appearance in seventh; the app collects a 900,000 weekly growth total. French translatio, MonCalendrier – Anniversaires, is two places behind with 800,000 social networkers aiming to organize the birthdays of those close to them.

Found in the 14th and 19th respectively, Russian and Thai versions compete in the back end of the countdown. The first ends with a 610,000 increase this seek, and the second sees 509,900. For those searching for a simple gesture to send friends celebrating their special days, RockYou’s Birthday Cards app returns tallying a growth of 530,000 people.


Developer Zynga maintains success. CastleVille continues to post strong numbers, with 4.7 million new players is a second-place finish. Adventure World sends another 600,000 social gamers into the jungle – a 15th place week. FarmVille hangs on as a fast growing app in the final position welcoming 500,000 additions.


Portuguese cellular company MeuChip has an application on Facebook with a broader aim, that of helping people connect and find each other’s phone numbers. This app debuts on our fastest-growing list this week with a weekly gain approaching two million, for a fourth-place ranking. Another such offering, Nimbuzz Mobile shows up in 11th place with 700,000 new users this week.

For Fun

What’s left of the once high-ranking question application trend, 21 Preguntas ends the week with a strong 900,000 finish in the sixth spot.

Turn your profile picture into a Sims character with Simify App; a 610,000 weekly growth total makes it a fastest growing application in 13th.

Holiday Cheer

Humor is JibJab‘s strong point, and their newest holiday eCards are buzzing on the social network. Helping to build 800,000 custom holiday greetings for Facebook friends, the app makes a holiday comeback in eighth.

Two more straightforward choices are found in the 16th and 17th positions. Holiday Card List sees 560,000 additions, and Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad is just behind witnessing a 550,000 total.

Its return is partially sparked by pledgers agreeing not to text while driving, Causes is back after returning to cut the countdown in half with a 700 thousand increase.


Recent updates to Spotify have motivated more people to install it, 700,000 to be exact, putting the app in 12th place.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of the applications this week?