Facebook Application To Crush Twitter And Buzz Instantly!

I’ve read some ridiculous articles in the past but this one takes the cake. This morning while reading through my feeds, I stumbled across an article which honestly states, “A new facebook application is ready that will literally kill other social networking platforms like Twitter and the recently launched Google Buzz. The news is definitely going to scare the hell out of Google and Twitter.” Can you feel the excitement?

When I read the article, I thought to myself that it seriously had to be a joke. But the source of the article doesn’t write satirical articles so seeing this post made me question who on earth was writing it. Unfortunately, the author of the article wasn’t listed, but here’s the rest:

The application is ready in the beta version and is being tested with very positive results from users. The said facebook application, code named as ‘myf’ has very intuitive user interface with drag and drop features , very quick search and connect options with very good privacy settings so facebook privacy will be foolproof. Communication and updates are quicker with multiple media support. It will take mobile applications to the next level.

The facebook application developer is very sure of its success and popularity. Those who have tried it , just can’t stop gushing about it. One goes on to say, ” No one will even want to ever look at any other networking site once the application is launched. This will be the ultimate facebook application.” Another one says, “Facebook has simply no competition from Twitter, Google Buzz or any other networking site out there, once this application is launched.”

Every sentence drips with satire, but it appears that the authors were being completely serious. This is almost as bad as press releases from companies that claim they are “the Facebook killer.” Hint to startups: no massively successful company started off by pitching themselves as “the next [insert successful company name here]”.

This article was almost as good as one I read the other day which said “Google Buzz is the hottest social network right now”. Where they came up with that statement from, I have no idea. Yes, Google as attracted some buzz over the new product (pardon the pun) but to call it the hottest thing out there is ludicrous.

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