Facebook Application Developers Increasingly Using 3rd Party Facebook Ad Managers

One of the more popular ways for Facebook application developers to drive traffic to their applications is through the use of Facebook advertisements. With relatively low CPMs, it’s often more cost effective than traditional cost per install campaigns as the users are also targeted based on profile data. Today TBG, the company behind the ONE Media Manager, is announcing two new clients: Playdom and Napster.

Those who read this site should be familiar with Playdom as they are one of the leading social game developers (one of the top 10 developers on Facebook and behind the largest games on MySpace). If you want to learn more about the company you can listen to our interview with the team at Playdom. The other company, Napster, is the former music sharing service which has since shifted to the subscription model.

Earlier this year TBG announced another new client acquisition, Zoosk, who is one of the largest Facebook dating applications. For application developers, new user acquisition is a fundamental component of the business and an increasing percentage of user acquisition is coming through Facebook advertising.

With large advertising budgets, application developers need scalable Facebook advertising solutions, only provided through integration with the Facebook ads API. While we’ve heard that some of the top application developers have built their own solutions, many developers are opting to seek the assistance of third parties like TBG.