Facebook appends its 2005 stock plan to its IPO filing in new amendment

Facebook added a horde of documents to its filing for an initial public offering, including a copy of the 2005 stock plan.

There are also some offer letters to executives, the five-year agreement with Zynga and an agreement from 2010 with Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies when the late-stage investment firm held an 8.2 percent stake in the company.

Perhaps the most interesting thing though is a copy of the 2005 stock plan. In there, you can see how options and restricted stock units for the company were structured.

The Zynga-Facebook agreement is the exact same one the gaming company appended to its IPO filing last year. The redactions are the same.

The only interesting thing about the DST document seems to be that the firm agreed to a longer lock-up period than other investors. They will hold shares as long as 18 months after the IPO, which is longer than the 90-day period afforded to early investors, and then the six-month period for employees. It’s another concession from the Russian firm, which has a reputation for getting into choice deals because it moves fast and gives up trappings that more traditional venture firms ask for like board seats and liquidity preferences.

There’s also a document with a list of subsidiaries including Facebook Ireland Limited (Ireland), which I understand handles revenues through the European arm of the business. Then there is a subsidiary called Vitesse, which was an entity that helped build out the data center in Prineville.

We’ll be updating as we go. Today is our once-a-year Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, so apologies if updates are intermittent.