Facebook Application Will Mark 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

A new Facebook application aims to capture memories of 9/11 from a global audience for the upcoming 10th anniversary of the tragedy.

National Geographic launched a new interactive Facebook application that aims to capture the world’s memories of 9/11 as the 10th anniversary of that day approaches.

Users of the Remembering 9/11 Facebook app can post brief accounts of their experiences from that day, and attach location tags to their stories that will appear on an interactive online map.

The app also has sorting features that makes sharing easier; you can filter stories by location and also share posts with friends. Another nifty feature is the globalization of this app, developed with Neo-Pangea. While originally launched in English, the app will be available on Monday, August 8, in an additional eight languages, including German, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, and French.

The introduction of the Remembering 9/11 Facebook app coincides with the National Geographic Channel’s Remembering 9/11 Week, which begins Sunday, August 28, in the U.S., with global premieres to follow throughout fall 2011.

We asked a National Geographic press representative about the number of users interacting with the app, and what the channel’s expectations are in the coming weeks. This is how the company replied, via email: “Right now we are around 200 (users), but growing every minute.”

Readers, what do you think of this Facebook app marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11?