Facebook App Mashups?

While reviewing a couple of the applications yesterday, I began to wonder how applications could start to tie together to help created bigger and better applications. RockYou for example, released an API for their Super Wall application. Currently Facebook doesn’t provide an easy way to leverage their existing wall system within platform applications. As a result, RockYou provided an API that can help you to expand your wall feature set with limited development time. I think there are a number of things that would be useful to the Facebook application developer community.

One of those things is a component repository. It would be awesome if developers for each program language could show up to one site and put their code libraries for other developers to access. Currently, developers are highly protective of their code since time to launch is still a critical factor on the Facebook platform. As the market becomes more saturated, providing your code to other developers becomes more beneficial then having an adverse impact.

Another idea is to provide open APIs.- While this isn’t useful for all applications, it would be awesome if utility applications provided an API for other developers to tie into. This would be mutually beneficial for partnering applications. There is also a downside to this though. Any application that provides an API requires the user to add their application as well. Could you imagine an application where you had to add 5 other apps before it worked? Not so fun. Perhaps Facebook will make such communication between applications easier. Do you have any suggestions for how to strengthen developer ties on Facebook?