Facebook App For Android Improves Security

A new version of the Facebook app for Android has been released that adds features for uploading pictures and improves picture uploads and security. Current Android Facebook users should receive a notification for version 1.5.2, which is available now in the Android Market. Given the recent increased awareness of securing communications on the Internet, I think the security improvement is the most significant of this update.

In February a Rice University professor shared that he and his students found by using a network sniffer that the Facebook Android app sent everything in clear text, even though a user has their Facebook settings set to force secure (SSL) communication. According to the release notes in the Android Market, it appears that Facebook has addressed this problem by implementing secure (SSL) communication.

A problem with the orientation of uploaded photos has been fixed. Previously, if you uploaded a picture in landscape to Facebook the picture would appear in portrait on Facebook, requiring one to log in to Facebook to rotate the picture. Now when pictures are uploaded they retain the orientation in which they were taken.

New features added to this version of the Facebook app include the ability to upload photos to a friend’s wall as well to a group.