ALERT: Facebook Antivirus Is Completely Fake

While protecting your computer from potential hazards on Facebook is a great idea, the latest Facebook Antivirus application is completely fake. The application automatically tags your friends walls with antivirus-like images but doesn’t really accomplish anything. Ironically it doesn’t even appear to manipulate its results, it just reuses the same image (pictured to the right) over and over again.

As F-Secure points out, “once installed on one friend’s account, this application tags 20 friends into a picture”. While it doesn’t claim to truly solve any problems, the application is misleading enough. My guess is that Facebook will simply remove this application if it hasn’t been removed already, however more important is simply to avoid any application that claims to be a Facebook Antivirus.

Not only is the image misleading, but it also includes Facebook branded icons. Most users have figured out that this application accomplishes absolutely nothing but if you happen to get tagged in a photo by one of your friends, don’t fall for this trick: avoid installing any Facebook antivirus applications. While we’re not sure that there’s any damage done by this application, there’s no benefit of installing it as it will spam all your friends.

Has this image been showing up in your profile? Have any of your friends been affected?