Facebook Announces The 250 Million User Milestone

-250 Million Chart-Today Facebook officially announced that they have surpassed 250 million users. We had projected that this milestone was crossed a couple weeks back but as of today it has become official with a blog post from Mark Zuckerberg. The company continues to grow at an amazing pace and now dominates just about every other social network on pretty much any metric.

With the company surpassing 225 million users just a few months ago, the company is well on track to surpass 300 million before the year is over. With a new round of funding and some employees who have decided to take up DST on their cash offering, Facebook is on track to continue its global expansion over the coming months and hopefully years.

Even with Twitter becoming an increasing thorn in Facebook’s side, there is still no comparison in size between the two. Facebook continues to release new products and with the continued evolution of the Facebook Pages product, Facebook is aimed at becoming the largest site on the web. Just earlier this week, Nielsen released metrics that showed Facebook had surpassed Yahoo in the total amount of time spent on the site.

With this huge milestone and 250 million users, Facebook is poised to build something even more spectacular. Two years after beginning to track the growth of the company, it’s exciting to see the trend continued.