Facebook Announces Second f8 Event

Last year Facebook held their first ever f8 event and it was a big one. That was the day that Facebook announced their platform. It was also the catalyst behind the social platform race that we are now witnessing. Today, Facebook announced the next f8 event. What will be announced at this event? Nobody knows for sure but there is a good chance that something will be announced about their e-commerce platform as well as Facebook Connect.

The event will take place Wednesday July 23rd in San Francisco. Currently no information has been posted as to the location and how to register but you can join the f8 fan page to check out any upcoming announcements. I’d imagine that Facebook clearly wanted to hold their event exactly one year after the previous event but there have been numerous rumors surrounding the delay of a number of their products including the e-commerce platform.

I am extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming event and will most definitely fly out to San Francisco to attend. Hope to see you there as well!