Facebook Announces Real-time Notifications

Last night, Pete Bratach announced the addition of real-time notifications integrated into chat. As soon as an application sends a notification to a user, they will be immediately notified in the chat bar on their screen. This new addition has the potential to increase the conversion of users from notifications to application installs. I’m sure it will be a welcomed addition to developers.

No change is necessary for developers. Some may decide to increase their use of notifications though because the previous integration points for notifications didn’t seem very effective (at least from my personal experience). Pete Bratach states, “We realize this change requires a learning period for our users. During this time some of them might not respond to notifications as they did before. To offset this, we’re working on ways to introduce users to the new notifications interface.”

It will be interesting to see if notifications become an increasing source of application installations. Right now it’s impossible to predict what will happen but this is a welcomed addition to the application integration points on the Facebook platform.