Facebook Announces The Date For Next Year's f8

Today Facebook is announcing the date of next year’s f8 conference: April 21-22. As before, the event will be held in San Francisco, however not all the details have been disclosed. We’re expecting Facebook to roll out their Credits platform in full to developers at that point as well as launch the Open Graph API, first discussed at the recent Facebook Developer Garage in Palo Alto.

The f8 event has always been an opportunity to Facebook release their new products for developers. At the last f8 event in San Francisco, Facebook announced Facebook Connect and the initial partners. The Connect platform wasn’t fully available for developers though until later in the year. This time around, I’d expect that Facebook will want to have full functional APIs that developers can begin launching services with immediately.

The first f8 event marked the beginning of the Facebook platform over two and a half years ago. Years later, there are hundreds of thousands of applications on the Facebook Platform and Connect now reaches over 60 million users each month. In short, f8 is a big day for Facebook to showcase their latest developer products and we have big expectations of the coming f8 event on April 21-22, 2010.