Facebook Announces New Tabbed Profile Design

Facebook just sent me over screenshots of their new profile design. There are some very significant changes. They have decided to go with a tabbed version of your profile. It also appears that all of the applications will now display in your left hand column. This is a huge change from before. I also would imagine that applications can now potentially add a new tab to a user’s profile presenting more opportunity for interaction. There are no screenshots of how those applications would be displayed though. Check out the photos below:

Tabbed Profiles

About Tab

Wall Tab

After taking a look at a note that was posted on the Facebook Profiles Preview page, it appears that application will now have the opportunity to be featured as a tab within a user’s profile. Being added to this tab will create significantly more space for applications to provide interactive experiences and further engage users visiting their friends’ profiles. Those applications that engage profile visitors will be rewarded while those that simply function as badges will become less popular.

One other interesting change is that mini-feeds and walls will now be combined to make the content more relevant. I’m excited to see what other changes are announced in the coming weeks!

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