Facebook Announces New Advertising Metrics

Today Facebook sent an email out to their advertisers about three new types of Insights reports that will help advertisers understand how their advertisements are performing. The three new types are:

  • “Responder Demographics” report – This report provides the aggregate age, gender, and geographic location of the users who have clicked on an ad.
  • “Responder Profiles” report – This report provides psychographic information including common interests, favorite TV shows, movies, books, and music.
  • “Advertising Performance” report – This report provides you with a downloadable version of existing ad metrics, as well as “a new section for performance data specific to” advertisements “that contained social actions, if applicable.”

This is a huge addition for Facebook and it’s one that I can guarantee advertisers will welcome. I’ve tested out at least one of the reports which provided some great data on impressions by demographic, but it didn’t provide click-thru data. I’m not quite sure why some data appears and other data doesn’t but this is much better than the data previously provided to advertisers.

Ad Facebook looks to beef up their advertising platform it’s critical that they provide advertiser with better statistics regarding overall ad performance. Below is a screenshot of Facebook’s new advertising reports interface. I hope to see more advertising metrics rolled out in the coming months.

-Ad Metrics Interface Screenshot-