Facebook Announces “Great Apps” and “App Verification” Certification Programs for Good App Developers

As speculated earlier this week, Facebook is announcing two new programs today that will give greater visibility within the News Feed and possibly other communication channels for applications that “deliver value to users and advance the Facebook Platform vision.” Here are the details on the new programs: “Great Apps” and “Application Verification.”

1) Great Apps

Facebook is selecting applications that “embody Facebook’s guiding principles for social applications through their meaningful, trustworthy and well-designed user experiences.” Great Apps will be rewarded with “greater visibility on Facebook, earlier access to new features and more feedback from Facebook.”

Great Apps will be chosen according to the degree to which they embody all 10 Facebook guiding principles as announced by Ben Ling today, and help advance the mission of Facebook. Great apps must have a minimum user base and a strong track record of adherence to Platform policies. Great apps will appear more like native Facebook applications, and will have access to Facebook feedback. iLike and Causes are Facebook’s inaugural Great Apps certification recipients.

2) Application Verification

Facebook is introducing the Application Verification program as well, which is designed to “offer extra assurances to help users identify applications they can trust — applications that are secure, respectful and transparent, and have demonstrated commitment to compliance with Platform policies.” Verified applications will also “benefit from added visibility on Facebook.”

The selection process for both programs will open to developers in September.