Facebook Announces f8 Workshops; Price Goes Up Tomorrow

Facebook’s 2nd annual f8 Developer Conference is coming up quickly! After tomorrow, registration prices increase from $150 to $250, so get your passes quickly. As a quick recap, here are the event details:

  • When: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008, 12:00 – 8:00 pm
  • Where: The Concourse at San Francisco Design Center
  • Address: 635 8th Street (West Entrance), San Francisco, CA 94103

Facebook has released info on the sessions and workshops that will be held on the 23rd. Facebook will be hosting three tracks during the day:

  1. User Experience – focusing on the profile redesign, Connect, and design
  2. Technical – focusing on scalability, viral channels, and mobile
  3. Business – focusing on marketing, analytics, and the fbFund

Rumors are that Facebook will announce the launch of Facebook Connect, Platform Payments, and an upgrade to the Mobile Platform – we’re betting on those in descending order!

More info:

Track 1: User Experience

Introducing the New Facebook Profile & More
In this session, you will learn everything you need to know about the new Facebook profile, Feeds and other changes to Facebook Platform, including new authorization and user permissions. Learn how to successfully modify your applications to take advantage of the new integration points.

Integrating Facebook Connect into your Website
Since 2006, Facebook Platform APIs have supported integration into your website to make your site social. In this session, we will walk through the new features that will be available with Facebook Connect. Learn how Facebook Connect can help you socialize and streamline your website using trusted authentication, real identity, friends access, and dynamic privacy.

Building Great Applications on Facebook
Over 24,000 applications have been launched on Facebook Platform in the last year. In this session, we’ll discuss guiding principles and best practices for designing great social applications that stand out. Hear from other developers on what they’ve learned and done to create compelling user experiences.

Design and User Experience at Facebook
At Facebook, we are constantly working to make Facebook easier and more efficient for more than 80 million active users. Hear directly from the Facebook Design team on how we think about design and user experience at Facebook and how you can apply this to your applications for a seamless integration. The team will cover how Facebook designed its earliest applications such as Photos and Events.

Track 2: Technical

Advanced App Building
It’s easy to build a simple Facebook app in a couple hours, but successful developers spend a lot of time understanding the ins and out of Platform. In this talk, engineers behind Facebook Platform will reveal the inside tricks for putting together a responsive, robust application. Fast track your application by learning the caching features of FBML, advanced features of FBJS, smart uses of the API, and more.

Feed and Social Distribution
One of the most powerful features of designing for Facebook Platform are the social distribution channels. With the new Facebook profile, learn how to design great Feed stories that take advantage of Feed templates and new story sizes. We’ll walk through examples of useful requests and notifications – and not-so-useful ones too.

Building to Facebook Scale
Learn how Facebook scales some of our key services to handle hundreds of millions of requests per day. We’ll talk about our News Feed system and how it fits into the rest of our site’s architecture through tools like Thrift and Scribe.

Made for Mobile
Mobile devices are opening up and creating new opportunities to build Facebook applications that extend beyond the Web. We’ll talk about methods for mobile development and engage in a Q&A on how to get started.

Track 3: Business

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