Facebook Announces Amazon Partnership

Amazon Web Services LogoToday, Facebook announced a partnership with Amazon to provide instant scalable solutions to Facebook application developers. The new partnership appears to be nothing more than a marketing agreement. In addition to receiving scalable solutions, developers also have access to tutorials and preloaded S3 files that make it easy for them to learn how to integrate with the new services.

The primary scalable solutions competitor in the market right now is Joyent who is currently offering free hosting for applicaition developers. This is in hopes that once their application grows beyond a certain size they will upgrade to a premium service. Aside from that there are few options for scalable solutions and instead developers must opt for traditional hosting resources and scale as needed.

When a Facebook application gains significant traction it can be challenging for developers to rapidly adapt and shift hosting resources while also making improvements to their application. As a result, Amazon’s S3 service combined with their EC2 service provide an excellent solution so developers can focus on application development rather then be concerned with the issue of overloading their servers.

Have you found any other scalable hosting solutions for your applications?