Facebook Announces 300 Million Milestone And Cash Flow Positive

Facebook has announced today that the company has reached 300 million users and that they are cash flow positive. This is huge news for the company who was previously on track to surpass 300 million by the end of the year. Just a month and a half ago the company surpassed 250 million users which means that they are still gaining over 5 million new users a week. Also included in the announcement was that Facebook is now officially cash flow positive, something previously expected to take place in 2010.

That Facebook is able to continue this growth and build a “cash flow positive” business is an impressive feat. While the net income is not yet stated as positive, it’s great to see that the company continues a positive track. If the company can cover the cost of scaling to 1 billion users and still manage to break even, there’s no doubt that the company will have a great opportunity to rake in billions.

How those future revenue models will play out is still unknown however advertising and initial revenues generated through the Facebook gift shop have apparently been able to support the company. To think that it was only a month and a half ago when the company surpassed 250 million is phenomenal. At AllFacebook, we project that the company should be able to hit 380 million users at around the end of the year.

This also means that next year the company should be able to reach over half a billion users, a number never surpassed before. As the largest social platform ever, Facebook continues by leaps and bounds never before imagined.