Facebook and CNN Team Up for “Live Tweeting” During Obama’s Inauguration

Following Facebook’s partnership with CNN during the 2008 presidential debates, the two companies are partnering again for a “live tweet” style event powered by Facebook Connect during Barack Obama’s inauguration speech next week.

The event, which will happen on a special CNN.com page during the inauguration speech, will allow users to watch the speech live, update their Facebook status from the page, and see their friends’ status updates in real time as well. A video for the event shows what the page will look like:

In other words, Facebook is organizing a massive “live tweet” on inauguration day – somewhat reminiscent of Causes’ 1.6 million person status update rally on Facebook on election day.

“We’re going to be testing the bounds and capabilities of our content distribution network partners, but if this has a lot of usage, it has a chance to be one of the most-watched events in Internet history,” CNN.com Senior Vice President and GM K.C. Estenson said.

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have already RSVP’d saying they’ll be watching on CNN.com Live. How will Facebook users respond? We’ll be watching!