Facebook and Britney Spears Team Up to Monetize through Virtual Gifts

Britney Spears is lending her name and image to a new line of virtual gifts available from her Facebook Page and the Facebook home page. Facebook users can give one free gift when they become a fan of Britney, or choose from five other gifts for 20 Facebook Credits, or USD $2 each (most Facebook Gifts normally cost $10 Credits, or USD $1). This is the first time any recording artist has branded virtual gifts. The campaign coincides with Spears’ current Circus world tour.

Britney currently has nearly 2 million Facebook fans, so there’s the potential here for her and Facebook to generate some serious revenue from the virtual gifts (we’re still awaiting word from Facebook on how the revenue split breaks down). Plans are to roll out a new group of gifts each month, with the current gifts representing the best of Britney Spears, past and present. Spears worked with iconographer Susan Kare to develop the gifts, and will continue to offer one free gift to her fans each month.

While this is the first time a high-profile musician has offered branded virtual gifts, several large brands have integrated virtual gifts on their Facebook Pages recently, including Harry Potter and Bud Light. Given how positively the campaigns have gone so far, we expect to see more in the near future. Facebook virtual gifts combined with celebrity appeal could be the next big thing to generate dollars through Facebook.

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