Facebook Analysis: WESH 2 News in Orlando, FL

Today starts a new segment that I will be doing each week, where I look for news organizations on Facebook who are having success with their efforts to engage their audience.

First I will be looking at TV news programs on Facebook. I’m leading off with WESH 2 News in Orlando, FL.

WESH is an example of a TV news program that has figured out how to  make Facebook work for them. At the time of writing they have 34, 675 “Likes” and a very engaged fan base.

Upon landing on their page, users are show a Custom Landing Tab that asks the user to “Like” the page, also known as “Like-baiting.”

The style they use is popular across Facebook among businesses and larger Fan Pages. The Landing Tab gives the appearance like you can see what’s right behind the tab, if only you click “Like.”

What’s missing is a true call to action, because “see why you’re missing out” offers no value proposition. Tell users what they’re “missing out” on, even if it’s mentioning contests, or exclusives.

In addition to the first Like-gate, there is a second one which I would imagine is a direct result of a partnership between the station and the studio that is promoting this movie. Unlike the first, this one has an actual call to action.

The text asks users to “Like” the page to get started into the process of being qualified to win the tickets. The language is careful not to violate Facebook’s TOS regarding contests. It does not say that “Liking” the page is a requirement to be able to win; it just says that “Liking” the page would get the user in the position to potentially win.

Ultimately the biggest give-away that the people behind WESH’s Fan Page have figured out how to make Facebook work for them, is the results they get on their posts.

A question about what fans were up to that weekend elicited an enormous response: 21 “Likes” and 91 comments. The comments aren’t passive or single words. Often they’re through explanations, or touch on deeply personal matters.

WESH has achieved something that both news organizations and brands are looking for from their social marketing efforts on Facebook.

What comes next is developing strategies to turn that captive audience into a real gain for the station, whether that’s through viewership, advertising, or more commercial partnerships.

Landing Tabs and commercial partnerships are great. But if you don’t have engagement with fans on the page, nothing else really matters.