Facebook Analysis Offers Advice to Media

If you’re a social media coordinator or content manager at a media company, you might want to take a look at Facebook’s new analysis of how the top 100 media sites use the social media network.

Facebook conducted the study, so, not surprisingly the findings encourage the use of the friend-filled site. But despite the marketing aspects, it also gives some advice on when and what stories should be posted and how the “Like” button should be implemented.

Websites experienced 3-5x greater click-through rates on the Like button when they implemented the version that includes thumbnails of friends, enabled users to add comments (which 70% of top performing sites did), and placed the Like button at the top and bottom of articles and near visually exciting content like videos and graphics.

Also, “emotional” stories have a higher click through rate, according to the analysis, while the time of day you post has an impact on how much interaction the story gets in the digital world.

In our analysis of stories published by top media organizations, we found that (a) stories involving emotional topics, passionate debates, and important sports events have 2-3x the activity of other stories, (b) status updates which ask simple questions or encourage a user to Like the story have 2-3x the activity, and (c) stories published in the early morning or just before bedtime have higher engagement.

Facebook also implemented a page to explain the best ways to use a Facebook page for media companies. It’s an interesting push by Facebook to court more media engagement.
Oh, and feel free to “Like” this post, even though it doesn’t follow any of the advice above.