Facebook allows post scheduling directly from pages without third-party tools

Facebook page owners can now create posts and schedule them to appear a specific times by using a new feature in the page’s publisher.

Previously, page owners had to use third-party tools like those from HootSuite or Buddy Media to schedule posts for future points in time. Now, users can click the clock icon in the bottom left corner of the publisher and select a date up to six months in advance. While this additional functionality could help page owners not already using third-party tools, social media platform companies should not feel too threatened by the feature. Most platforms offer a unified dashboard for Facebook, Twitter and other networks, so that user can create a post from one location and then schedule it to appear in several channels. This is something Facebook is not likely to replicate.

The social network’s new feature requires that posts be scheduled at least 10 minutes from when they are created. The publisher also offers times in 10-minute increments so it seems posts cannot be scheduled for 12:15, for example. However, Facebook’s Help Center says posts can be scheduled in 15-minute intervals. We have asked the company for clarification.

After scheduling a post, page owners will see a confirmation that will let them know that they can view, reschedule or cancel their post from the page’s activity log.

Earlier today, Facebook released different levels of admin access for page owners. These features are likely to most help individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have a budget for third-party platforms. Most larger companies have additional needs that won’t be met using Facebook’s native tools. As we’ve seen in the past when the social network improves its page moderation features, third-party platforms are able to incorporate the features into their own tools using Facebook’s APIs.