Facebook allows page owners to add admins who are not connected as friends

Facebook announced Friday changes to the page admin flow. Previously, a page owner could only promote a user to an admin role if the owner was directly connected to the user as a friend. Now, page admins can add another admin, so long as they have that person’s email address.

After the page owner (or another previously-approved admin) does this, Facebook will notify the new admin on the right side of News Feed and an email, depending on that user’s notifications settings.

Facebook commented on this change in a post on the Facebook + Journalists page:

Making it easier to add admins to a Facebook Page: We recently improved the flow to add new admins to your Page. In addition to adding Facebook friends, you can also invite people who are not your Facebook friend with their email address. The new admin will be able to accept or reject the admin assignment by clicking on the request on their home page or on https://www.facebook.com/pages.

Readers: Do you like this change?

Image courtesy of Facebook.