Facebook AI Research Sets Up Shop in Montreal

McGill University Prof. Joelle Pineau will lead FAIR Montreal

Some of the real intelligence behind Facebook's artificial-intelligence efforts

Facebook announced last week that it will open a new research lab in Montreal dedicated to its artificial intelligence efforts.

Yann LeCun, the social network’s chief AI scientist, announced in a Newsroom post that the Montreal lab will be led by Prof. Joelle Pineau, who co-directs the Reasoning and Learning Lab at McGill University.

According to LeCun, Facebook AI Research Montreal will “engage with the broader research community” via publications, open-source software and involvement in technical conferences and workshops.

FAIR Montreal is also entering into partnerships with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, McGill University and Université de Montréal.

LeCun said of Pineau, “Dr. Pineau’s previous research has focused on developing new algorithms for planning and learning and then applying them to complex problems in robotics, health care, games and conversational agents. Dr. Pineau will maintain her academic position at McGill University, in addition to building the FAIR Montreal team. We think the talent we can attract will bring valuable expertise and new perspectives to our work, and under Dr. Pineau’s leadership, we will continue to invest in this team and in the Canadian research community as a whole.”

FAIR is currently made up of more than 100 scientists based out of the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., as well as its offices in New York and Paris.