Facebook Advertising Update: New Reports for Advertisers

While Facebook’s self-serve advertising solutions allow marketers to experiment with Facebook advertising for as little as $1.00/day or $0.01/click, getting reports at the ad or campaign level has not been the easiest process.

Today, Facebook released an update to its advertising dashboard that allows advertisers to export 3 kinds of reports:

  • Advertising Performance
  • Responder Demographics (age/sex/location of people who clicked)
  • Responder Profile (most popular interests/tastes of people who clicked)

These reports can be run at the campaign, ad, or account level, and sliced by day, week, or month across the current month or last 3/6/12 months.

While the update may seem rote, it’s a meaningful step for advertisers who want to be able to better analyze the results of their Facebook advertising campaigns in order to optimize their ad buying strategies at a more granular level. The more data, the better.

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